About 2×4 Day

This group celebrates April 2nd as a Global Day of LEGO® Play, a date symbolic of the 2×4 brick, an iconic image for LEGO® fans.

The day was born of a conversation on the LEGO® User Group Ambassador Network, a forum for LEGO(r) User Group (LUG) ambassadors on the LAN.

Suggested by Long Beach LEGO(r) User Group (LBLUG) Ambassador Trish Tsoiasue, a handful of LUG Ambassadors from Peru, Romania, Canada, the USA… discussed the date concept was a good one, and many dates were suggested.  April 2nd was selected as the date.

2016, YEAR 2:
Guatemala (LUG Guatemala)
Belgrade, Serbia (TehnoLUG),
Denver, CO (DENLUG)
Belgrade, Serbia (Lug Kolege)
Rochester NY LUG (RLUG),
New England LUG (NELUG)
Chile (Club LEGO Concepcion),
BC, Canada (VICLUG),
Athens, Greece (GRICKS.GR),
Lima, Peru (LIMALUG),
Belgrade Serbia (BEOKOCKA)
and the returning (Inaugural countries/LUGs)
Lima, Peru (LEGO CLUB PERU),
Lima, Peru (LUG PERU),
Long Beach, CA (LBLUG)
(list updated 3/1/2016) If you are not on this list, please comment and I will update!

2015, YEAR 1

3 countries participating. Romania (BRICKENBURG), Peru (LUG PERU, LEGO CLUB PERU), and the US (LBLUG).
The first day that the day was celebrated was April 2nd, 2015.  In international date format, 2/4/2015.  For 2015, the date was celebrated by LUGs, who helped to advertise the date itself.